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At Hollow Creek, we provide a complete spectrum of veterinary and pet health services.  It is our policy to offer our clients treatment options, so they are able to have input into the most appropriate course of action for their pet.  We will provide information about proposed treatments, along with estimations for the associated costs, to allow our clients to make informed decisions about their pet’s treatment.  Specifically, our services will include:



  • Additional Services

  • Examinations, Immunizations & Wellness

    The veterinary team at Hollow Creek Animal Hospital strongly believes in the concept of preventive medicine. Regular "wellness" examinations and immunizations are extremely important for maintaining the health of a pet. Today, pets live longer,…

  • Pet Medical Services

  • Radiology

    We offer digital x-ray services. Digital radiographs allow immediate evaluation of films for early and accurate diagnosis and treatment. …

  • Surgery

    Hollow Creek Animal Hospital will perform numerous surgeries ranging from routine spays and neuters to more involved abdominal surgeries and fracture repairs. Prior to anesthesia, each pet will have bloodwork run, in addition to pre-op EKG and chest…