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Veterinary medicine has come a long way in a quarter of a century. Flea and tick control, although still an issue, no longer constitutes the major portion of pet care. Recent changes in vaccine protocols have further tipped the balance. As pets have become more fully integrated into families, we now spend a far greater portion of our time treating the complex medical and surgical problems which in the past would have resulted in unnecessary suffering. As in human medicine, greater emphasis is now placed on preventative care such as dental care, diet, regular check –ups and routine blood work

At Hollow Creek, we will provide a complete spectrum of veterinary and pet health services.  It will be our policy to offer our clients treatment options, so they are able to have input into the most appropriate course of action for their pet.  We will provide information about proposed treatments, along with estimations for the associated costs, to allow our clients to make informed decisions about their pet’s treatment.  Specifically, our services will include:



  • Additional Services

  • Examinations, Immunizations & Wellness

    The healthcare team at HCAH strongly believes in the concept of preventive medicine. Regular "wellness" examinations and immunizations are extremely important for maintaining the health of a pet. Today, pets live longer, healthier lives and the care…

  • Pet Medical Services

  • Radiology

    Our radiology suite will contain a digital high frequency radiographic imaging system that will provide high detail films of the abdomen, thorax and extremities. Digital radiographs allow immediate evaluation of the films for early and accurate diagnosis…

  • Surgery (orthopedic & soft tissue)

    Hollow Creek will perform a vast array of surgeries ranging from routine spays and neuters to more complicated abdominal surgery and fracture repair. We will utilize state-of-the-art anesthesia monitoring equipment to assure safe anesthetic episodes. …